Nothing is Everything is a stream of thinking designed to provoke conversation at the beginning – not the end – of explorations into the assumptions that we have made about ourselves and our lifestyle. Despite the birth of the many strands of this project before Covid-19, we now see a fresh and urgent context for this new thinking. At the core of this project is a deliberate movement away from the bastions of certainty and status quo. It suggests that we have to lay everything bare, embrace the unknown and rediscover the potential and creativity in nothingness.

The conversations you will find here are:

New thinking

Nothing is everything – Unravelling assumptions about completeness, satisfaction and achievement in search of paths towards a relational existence

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The ‘liquid gift’ illustrates creativity, change and connection

Vlog coming soon

Podcast coming soon

  • Change and risk

  • Silence

  • Time

  • Housing and homes

  • Ownership and control
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